Date: 2nd Jun 2020 @ 12:18am

Tuesday 2nd June

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you are well! Below is the work I would like you to complete today. Remember to send me any photos/videos/messages to show me what you have been up to or just send me a message to tell me you are ok. 


P.E. - The Body Coach YouTube channel at 9am for your daily P.E. lesson with Joe.

Maths - You will need your Multiplication and Division booklet for your Maths today.  Complete pages 21-24. These 4 pages should be the missing multiplication and the missing division activities. 

English - You will need your Summer English Activity booklet today. Complete page 11 that should be titled Jailbreak. Can you think of more exciting and powerful adjectives for the four words given? Write some sentences below using these exciting adjectives. 


Spanish - I loved your responses to the first Spanish lesson before half term so I thought we could have a go at Lesson 2! This is all about introducing yourself. If you have already done this one, you could move onto Lesson 3. The link to the lesson is below. You could video yourself speaking some Spanish or make some notes if you like. 


Spend time reading a book of your choice. You could use some of the online websites I have given you if you want to read something new. 

Check your activities section for daily challenges and things to do. 
BBC Bitesize are doing 3 lessons a day for all year groups. You can do the Maths, English or afternoon activity at any time.
Reading- David Walliams live story at 11am. Listen later in the day if you are choosing one of the live lessons. 

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe! 

Mr Gaskell