Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 10:31pm

Thursday 2nd June

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you are well. Below is the work I would like you to complete today. Remember to send me any photos/videos/messages to show me what you have been up to or just send me a message to tell me you are ok. 

Don’t forget to collect your new work pack from school if you have not picked it up already. 


P.E. - The Body Coach YouTube channel at 9am for your daily P.E. lesson with Joe. These lessons are now only running on a Monday, Wednesday and a Saturday. On the other days, you could maybe do some just dance, go noodle or come up with your own exercise routine. 

Maths - I have attached a link to your Maths lesson for today below. It is all about looking at 3D shapes. We looked at 2D shapes earlier in the week. Work your way through the lesson and complete the activities at the end in your book or on the worksheets. 


English - Complete pages 18 and 19 in your grammar book. These pages look at statements, questions, commands and exclamations. 


Google meet chat at 2pm. I have attached the link to the chat below. If you click this, it should take you to the website link. You may also want to download the google meet app onto your device if you can. Looking forward to speaking to you all! If you download the app, you can join the meeting by typing in the code which is the letters after the / in the website link. 

To join the video meeting, click this link: meet.google.com/vcu-vzfb-tut

Check your activities section for daily challenges and things to do. 
BBC Bitesize are doing 3 lessons a day for all year groups. You can do the Maths, English or afternoon activity at any time.
Reading- David Walliams live story at 11am. Listen later in the day if you are choosing one of the live lessons. 

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe! 

Mr Gaskell  

PS Don’t forget our Google Meet call at 2pm tomorrow.