09/10/17 - Year 6 Division Methods

Date: 9th Oct 2017 @ 4:05pm

We have started to look at written methods for division this week and we are working really hard to get our heads around some new and slightly tricky methods.

It was great to see such a positive mindset from children when trying to learn a new method. I have been really impressed with them all. Now they need to make sure that they continue to use it otherwise they will lose it!

I have included a couple of videos which the children may find useful when completing their homework and doing additional work at home.

The children have been using Daddy, Mummy, Brother, Sister to help remember the steps:

  • Daddy Divide
  • Mummy Multiply
  • Sister Subtract
  • Brother Bring down

All will become clear if you watch the videos I have attached!

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