18th May

Date: 18th May 2016 @ 9:51am

Hello and welcome back after another busy week,

On Friday, we invited our Reception class to come and follow some of our instructions. We had made picture instructions for Reception to build all sorts of things out of Lego, multi-link, beads and pin boards. Year 5 were absolutely fantastic and showed they are going to be brilliant when they have their buddies next year! Reception were great too and able to follow the instructions really well - some of them even knew what a sphere and cube were by the end of the session!

On Monday, our girls represented us in the Widnes Cricket Competition at Moorfield Cricket Club. We all turned up expecting some great weather but unfortunately it never showed but we had a great day anyway! We were in a group with St John Fischer, St Michael's and Farnworth. All teams played each other and we won one during the day - we also won a friendly match in our time off the pitch. All the girls were fantastic and they did really well considering we have only had the cricket coach for a couple of weeks. With the girls being out all day with me, Miss Greenwood had Year 6 and the Year 5 boys and they had a great day learning all about lots of the Kings Shakespeare used in his plays - they did some fantastic artwork too!

Our boys also had a football match last Thursday against St Clement's from Runcorn. They played brilliantly but lost 4 nil. It was a great show of teamwork from the boys with lots more passing than we have seen previously!

In maths this week, we have been looking at fractions and shape. We have been finding equivalent fractions and converting between improper fractions and mixed number fractions. Next week, we will be revising our methods for written subtraction and addition. We will also be using column addition to add up more than one number - any practising at home will really help children to extend their knowledge within school and challenge themselves!

Have a great week!