22nd June

Date: 22nd Jun 2016 @ 2:03pm

Hello everybody,

I cannot believe that we have nearly finished week 3 of our final half-term, and what a fun week it has been.

We have been doing quite a lot of Maths this week. We have taken part in investigations and practised some of the areas that we wanted to go over, such as the dreaded fractions! We had an amazing day doing our den day. I was so proud of the children taking part in deep and meaningful dicsussions about how lots of children actually do live in shelters and dens because they are not lucky enough to have a home like us. The children worked so well as a team planning and creating their dens, whilst keeping this sensitive issue in the back of their minds, and what dens they made! So many amazing, creative ideas! Ask your children all about it, they even wrote a guide for how to get close to a dinosaur; using dens as a plan of action!

Today has been our All Saints EU Referendum day. We feel that it is so important to broaden the children's knowledge and experience of politics and the world that they live in; allowing them to generate their own views and opinions. Year 4 were so grown up as they went round all of the different stations, learning un-based arguments to stay, leave, the importance of voting and the history of the EU. The children asked so many amazing questions and articulated their thoughts so well! It was so nice to see all of Key Stage 2 discussing their feelings respectfully.

Along with this, we had our singing assembly this morning. My goodness, I was so, so proud of Year 4. We sang our growth mind-set song and every single child put in their best efforts (with actions too!) All of the teachers commented on how brilliant they were and the whole school now wants to learn our song!

Science was also fun this week, carrying on with our learning about teeth, the children planned and conducted an experiment to test the effect of different drinks on our teeth, but wait for it... using eggs! We are looking forward to analysing the results next week!

Next week is a very busy one. We have lots of sports going on in school and as well as this, some Maths and Reading tests. The children are so good at taking tests and do not get phased by it. We all love to have positive attitudes!

Please keep practising all of the children's Maths skills over the weekend, especially solving word problems and methods for adding, taking away, multiplying and dividing. They have all worked so hard this year. Don't forget about nightly reading too :)

Overall, an amazing week in Year 4. I am excited to see what next week brings!

Enjoy your weekend. Please remember, school is closed tomorrow for the referendum.

Miss Green smiley