Date: 25th Jan 2017 @ 11:21am

Hi everyone,


This week we have finished our newspaper articles, and they are so good! This week and into next week, we are moving onto story writing. I'm sure the children's ideas will be great! Planning and paragraph use will be a big one next week, so practising when to start a new paragraph at home would be great!

In Maths, we are finishing off our graphs unit and moving on to fractions! I'm hoping that the children will LOVE fractions by the end of the unit. The children have also been given their Times Table Rockstars log-in details this week, so they can start competing with the rest of the school!

We are going into the school garden this Friday. I really hope that the children enjoy it and some can maybe be more eager to help with your gardening once summer comes!

The homework quiz will be a week this Friday!

Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Green.