27th April 2016

Date: 27th Apr 2016 @ 4:10pm

Welcome back everybody. This is reception's very first weekly blog post! Our first day back was lots of fun and it was great to hear what everyone had been up to over the holidays. 

We have started our new theme, 'Traditional Tales.' The first story that we have been learning about is The Three Little Pigs. So far we have made houses for the 3 little pigs, tested materials to find out what the best one would be to build a house from, made Mummy Pig using different materials and wrote about our favourite part of the story!

We even had a visit from Mummy Pig, who was very upset about her little pigs moving out. Reception decided that they would make her cards, write her a letter and make a treat for her to cheer her up! We hope that next time she visits all our lovely work will cheer her up! 

I was particularly impressed with Madelaine and Lily- Grace, this week, who have both impressed me with their fantastic halving skills! Well done girls smiley

In the upcoming week, we are going to be continuing with our exciting theme and exploring lots more traditional tales! During maths we are learning more about halving and doubling, check out the video!

Have a lovely week.laugh

Miss Evans 

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