27th January

Date: 29th Jan 2017 @ 8:29pm

This week, we have continued to learn more about the digestive system. In English, we have been writing creatively. The children came up with some briliant ideas about how they could have been shrunk down to miniature size and somehow injested. From there, they travelled through the digestive system and wrote about their experience in a diary. We have had some very creative ideas so far! The children have been focusing on using paragraphs and a range of sentence types and openers as well as punctuation. Some of this work will be used to create our new classroom display. In addition to this, the children used their scientific knowledge and sentence openers to explain the disgestive process whilst I use Branflakes and water to model the process and create some fake poo.

We have got back to reading with our Reception buddies the last couple of weeks and all the children have enjoyed themselves.

At break times, the class have had the oppotunity to improve their times table speed on Times Table Rockstars, improve their speed stacking ability or continue to work on key skills with some extra revision. It has been great to see so many children challenging themselves and building on their skills.

On Wednesday, the children completed an investigation as part of BCC 'Terrific Science'; they will get to find out about the results of this experiment in a live lesson on Tuesday.

The class we set their new maths homework at the beginning of last week and the quiz will be on Friday 3rd February. It is great to see such progress from some children in these areas and they are beginning to apply them in lessons too. In addition to this, some children are working really hard at home to learn their Superhero Spellings and they are flying through the levels - keep it up!

In maths, we have just started looking at measure. Measure is such an important part of life and is applied in so many different areas. It is so important that children have opportunities to apply their skills in the real world as some children have forgotten many key facts! Together, we made a conversion chart to remind us how to convert between mm, cm, m and km. The children will be revising converting between units of length, mass, volume and time this week. If possible, it would be great if you could encourage your children to practise these skills at home - particularly time!!!

I am looking forward to another week of hard work!

Miss Hopkins.

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