A New Term! Good luck Lexi!

Date: 20th Feb 2017 @ 5:18pm

During our last theme 'Inner Space', Year 3 worked exceptionally hard. They have shown a great interest in learning all about inside their bodies. The theme  linked brilliantly to most of our other lessons, including learning about inside the body in science and the importance of exercise in PE. They have even made games linked to the body using coding! Also in PE, the children have choreographed and performed a keep-fit video, which hopefully your children can teach you. It begins with a Zumba warm-up and is followed with a full on dance aerobics routine.

In English, the children wrote newspaper articles and a story, which they linked to the theme by shrinking a character who ended up in the digestive system. The children are starting to use the skills taught in Year 3, which I’m sure will continue even further in spring term 2.

The theme for Spring 2 is ‘The Amazon’. Look out for any TV programs, particularly David Attenborough. We will be looking at the forest itself, the animals, and the people who live there. We’ll even be getting a little political trying to save all who live there…

We also say goodbye to Lexi today, as she's going to a new school. We would like to wish her the very best both in her new school and her for her furure! We're sure you'll do wonderful and exciting things.

Mr. Helps  smiley

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