E-Safety day 7.2.17

Date: 7th Feb 2017 @ 8:14pm

We had a super afternoon doing philosophy today. The children loved the starter session where they each had a coloured star on their heads and the task was to sort each other out into coloured groups without talking! 

We then looked at an e-safety video and voted to discuss the question 'are all internet games safe to play on'.  The children had some great opinions and reasons for why they thought yes/no.

Some of the answers were;

I don't think all games are safe 'because sometimes strange things pop up '

'its not safe as some games could be a prank'

'it could be a stranger and you shouldn't talk to them'

All games are safe 'because my mum puts them on for me and plays with me so it's safe and no strangers there'

The children were excellent at listening to each other's ideas and taking turns to talk.  Well done! We can't wait for our next philosophy lesson :)

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