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Date: 28th Apr 2016 @ 5:00pm

Hello and welcome to Year 5's very first weekly blog post! Our first day back was lots of fun and it was great to hear what everyone had been up to over the holidays. 

We have started our new topic of 'Materchef' and are currently looking at food all around the world. We have also been investigating the nutritional value of our foods! Children might like to download the 'Sugar Smart' app on their devices to find out more about their foods at home. If possible, I have asked the children to see how they can help out in the kitchen - this could be by helping you to prepare meals or even doing the washing up!

Last week, we started cricket in PE. The children were fantastic and took part in an exciting game of 'non-stop cricket' at the end of the lesson. We will have two competitions this terms and see the boys and girls compete against others school so we need to pick up these skills quickly! In addition to our cricket sessions, Year 5 have been completing their mile a day and it has had such a positive influence on them. It has been fantastic to see the massive improvements the children are making! 

In English we have been using the film Ratatouille to inspire our writing and so far children have written some brilliant descriptions. We have also been working really hard on written methods for multiplication and division - I have been so impressed with how quickly they have picked these up!

Our new homework also went out this week. Over the next two weeks, children should be learning their 3, 4 and 7 times tables, square numbers and how to spell all their numbers. Our next quiz will be on Friday 6th May.

Excitingly, some of our girls got to play in a football tournament before the Liverpool and Chelsea Ladies game on Wednesday. They did brilliantly and all really enjoyed themselves! Some of them even got to be mascots.

Have a lovely week.

Miss Hopkins.

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