Wednesday 11th May

Date: 11th May 2016 @ 3:15pm

Hello and welcome to another weekly blog from Year 4!

We have had lots of great fun since our last post. Year 2 and 6 have been doing their SATs tests and we have been thinking about them all week. Also, well done to Demi who won our star of the week on Friday for settling into our class so well!

This week we have created a whole new class chapter, working together, for the Iron Man. We have called this chapter 2.5, but have not thought of a name yet. We all worked so hard in our groups and it sounds even better than the book (sorry Tim!). We are going to be completing our own independent chapters this week and it has been so fun to watch you all get so excited about your ideas and get your planning down without help from me! I can't wait to see the finished chapters. Maybe we can fool Mr McConnell! P.s. Keep working on your apostrophes! I will be looking for these in your WANTED posters.

Maths have been great. In paticular, we have shown how much our shape knowledge has improved and have even started sorting them into venn diagrams about their properties- wow! We have also done lots of clocks work and did this in our quiz on Friday. Ask us some questions on digital AM and PM times; I bet we can tell you!

In paticular, I was so pleased watching you all take part in our class team-building games that we did whilst Y6 were in the hall for our PE session. Watching you all work together to reach the goals and complete the challenges made me proud. Keep this up in lessons! Friendship and teamwork is key!

Coming up this week, we are doing lots of graph work in Maths and we will need to answer lots of questions about them. We will also be looking at equivalent fractions and converting fractions to decimals again! In English, we are not only completing our independent chapters, but we are also creating WANTED posters and job advertisements linked to the Iron Man!

In Science, we will be carrying on thinking about conductors and insulators and even making our own switches!

Keep up the hard work Year 4, I want you to enjoy the last part of Year 4 by having good behaviour, working hard and having fun!

Please see the videos below.

Miss Green smiley