Welcome back to Summer 2 Home Learning

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 8:34am

Hello Year and welcome to Summer 2 half-term!

We hope you all had a lovely half term holidays. We are sure lots of you will have spent time in the sunshine as the weather has been wonderful. We know our Year 1 class is due to come back to school next week, but some of you are continuing to learn at home too. We are really missing you all but you need to stay safe! We will still be here to set your work and look at your posts on Seesaw. Lots of you are completing all of the work we are setting which is really great. We need to keep going with our home learning so that we don’t fall too far behind.

The home learning will be a bit different this half term. We will put daily learning on the school website (Year 1 blog) as we have been doing and we want you to continue posting on seesaw some of your work. When we are  back in school, we will only be checking it after about 4:00, or when we can, so don’t worry if it is not approved straight away. This is what home learning will look like this half term.


We have subscribed to White Rose Maths Home Learning, as you know. To get onto this you just need to go onto White Rose Maths Home Learning and Year 1. It has daily lessons that include videos, practise questions and explanations. It also has a worksheet to go with the lesson. You will need to do lessons 1-4 each week (Monday – Thursday) and these start with Summer Week 4 date 11.5.20. We will put the worksheets on the Year 1 page in the documents for you to either print off if you can or just write on paper if you can’t print. Friday’s maths will be a games based lesson where you can play on ‘Hit The Button’ (times tables, number bonds, doubles and halves) and/or also the Karate Cats games on BBC bitesize. Practising these and getting quicker at them will improve rapid recall of number facts.


This will be similar to last half term. We will be giving you some words with graphemes in to put into sentences. Try to make your sentences interesting by using adjectives and always remember to use your punctuation. You can also look at ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ and work your way through the levels.  

Other Subjects

We will be setting lessons from other subjects for you to do throughout the week on whichever day you choose. Some lessons may be using online resources and some may be activities for you to do independently. We will not set a P.E. lesson each week but it would be good to do Joe Wicks/Go Noodle and/or Cosmic Kids yoga each day. You could make up your own exercises in the garden by making an obstacle course or just hopping, skipping, jumping or running for 10 mins. Keep active!

Online Lessons

The BBC bitesize home learning and the Oak National Academy are excellent online teaching resources. If you are struggling with some of the work I am setting or need something different to get motivated then use these as an alternative for some days. Any learning is better than no learning.


Although you don’t have school reading books, it is vital that you continue reading. This is more important than ever. There are many books that you can read on line, or have read to you. Also on Oxford Owl there are texts at different levels so keep up that reading practise!

We understand home learning/teaching is difficult. Continuing learning and getting into a routine is very important and so is having a good positive attitude. Don’t get stressed. If there is something you can’t do, have a go and then move on. Some learning is better than no learning so just try and do as much as you can do.

Be brave and be kind.

Keep Smiling

Miss Fleming, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Williams