Year 5 and 6 Theme Day

Date: 6th Feb 2019 @ 5:21pm

What a fantastic day we have had in Year 5 and 6!

Not everything went entirely to plan but I suppose that is the nature of being explorers and adventurers! We were particularly impressed with the efforts you made in putting together expedition outfits. The children absolutely loved exploring our school grounds and using their imaginations!

Below is our Theme Day summary:

Mappa Mundi Theme Day – Wednesday 6th February

Year 5 and 6 came to school as explorers today. We were split into six groups and were named after a famous explorer/ adventurer. The groups were called:

  • Levison Wood;
  • Ash Dykes;
  • Bonita Norris;
  • Chris Bonington;
  • Ranaulph Fiennes;
  • Ellen MacArthur.

As an end to our unit of writing using ‘The Eye of the Storm’, we had to imagine we had travelled through the portal of the eye of the storm and we had to survive in the land we had arrived in. In groups, we explored the school grounds and used our imagination. We sourced things that would help us build a shelter and thought about how we would keep ourselves warm. We found items we could use to catch prey and make traps. We also looked for ways we could make fire in order to cook the food we caught, keep warm and boil water.

During our exploration, we made notes and drew sketches of things that we needed and that would help us. When we got back to class, we wrote a script for a Vlog of our expedition and recorded this using the green screen.

During the afternoon, we were given the job of ‘polar chef’. We had to think about what conditions polar explorers had to survive in and therefore what their diet needs to be. We learnt about calories, what a diet is, what nutrients are and the different parts of a balanced diet. We understood that a balance diet changes depending on what you are doing and where you are. We researched some of the food we thought would be good for polar explorers and found out how many calories were in them. We decided that the foods we picked needed to be:

  • Easy to store;
  • Tasty;
  • High in energy;
  • Low in mass;
  • Easy to cook;
  • All add up to a balanced diet.

Yesterday, we sliced and dehydrated some fruit (apple, banana, kiwi and pear). Today we got to try out dehydrated food!


The children have been given an additional challenge of finding out more about their group explorer!