Year 6 12/1/18

Date: 12th Jan 2018 @ 4:03pm

What an exciting day! The children have absolutely loved doing 'Chemistry with Cabbage' today! They started the day by making an indicator solution using a red cabbage. They used their indicator to test whether different chemicals were an acid or an alkali. They discovered what happened when you added an acid to an alkali and vice versa. They then used this knowledge to suggest what to put on a bee sting or a wasp sting. Just before lunch they watched what happened when you dip a polystyrene cup in nail varnish remover. After lunch, the children got to make their own polymer to take home! It was a very enjoyable day and the children learned lots about Chemistry.

If the children want to do more experiments at home with everyday things they can buy in the supermarket, they can visit Lorelly's website:

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