Year 6 VLog 02/10/17

Date: 2nd Oct 2017 @ 4:59pm

Year 6 are very excited about swimming next week!

Alyssa and Lydia have been recorded telling you all about what has been going on in Year 6 this week. It is fantastic to see the children talking so confidently to the camera!

We also introduced a new method in maths this week (using lines) to help with multiplication. This was a bit of a challenge for lots of children and is not a method we will be expecting to see in lessons. It was just a bit of fun to have a go at something different. I have included the video on this blog as they might want to work on it at home or show you! Can you figure out how it works?

Year 6 have been using songs in their Guided Reading sessions and this week we are looking at Pompeii by Bastille. Our sessions follow this sequence:

  • Monday - children look at the words and discuss the mood. They listen to the song and compare. They find any literary features within the texts and explore the meaning of words they may not understand.
  • Tuesday - children use their retrieving and recording skills to answer questions. These questions can be found by skimming and scanning the text and directly copying words or phrases in their answers.
  • Wednesday - children use clues from the context of the song to help answer the questions. These questions are usually multiple choice and it always a good idea to eliminate answers which are completely wrong.
  • Thursday - children use their inference skills to deduce or conclude something from the evidence. They need to bring in their own knowledge in order to answer questions which may vary from person to person. This is a tricky skill and we are building on supporting our answers with evidence and examples from the text.
  • Friday - children complete an assessment on the same lyrics which is usually about 5/6 questions long. All of the skills we have looked at through the week are assessed. Children get the opportunity to discuss their answers afterward and can ask questions to clarify anything they are unsure of.

We are looking forward to another brilliant work in Year 6. 

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