Year 5's News: Blog items

All Saints Choir, by Mrs Cho

The Solar System, by Mrs Clark

Year 5 and 6 Theme Day, by Mrs Clark

Joseph Delaney, by Mrs Clark

Daresbury Lab visit, by Mrs Clark

14.12.18., by Mrs Cho

19.9.18, by Mrs Cho

Year 5 and 6, by Miss Hopkins

13.7.18., by Mrs Cho

28.3.18., by Mrs Cho

Harvest in Church, by Mrs Williams

Easter Eggs!!, by Mrs Williams

Gold Rush, by Mrs Hughes

10.3.17., by Mrs Cho

Spring Term! , by Mr Gaskell

20th January 2017, by Mr Gaskell

Christmas Is Coming!, by Mr Gaskell

Reading Week, by Miss Hopkins

World Book Week!, by Mr Gaskell

14.10.16, by Mr Gaskell

29th June, by Miss Hopkins

15th June, by Miss Hopkins