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Mrs Hughes

Media Club Report - Caitlin


A Royal Visit

On Thursday the 14th of June year4 and year2 went

to the bridge opening. You might think that’s a bit boring but the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex were there to open the bridge. We were so excited to be seeing the Queen and Megan Markel. We had so much fun when we got back we were moaning because we wanted to see the Queen again. 

Media Club Report - Isabelle


A Royal visit

 On Thursday 14th June the lucky year 2 and 4 got to go on a once in a lifetime trip. We went to see the new bridges official opening we were allowed a fruit bag each but we didn’t have enough because the other schools had 2 bags each!!! But most amazingly the Queen and Megan Markel (The Duchess of Sussex)they pulled up in a fancy car and the Queen was wearing a lime green dress and hat she waved at us , watched another schools dance then met the designers and makers of the bridge and waved us goodbye It was one of the best trips of my life year 4and 2 were super lucky to have the opportunity to go .


Friday 23 March

This week year 4 played guitar and the songs were pirates of the caribean and hold back the river pinching and cords. Miss parkinson taught us a super fun science lesson it was about tooth decay and if you drink fizzy drinks you will get tooth decay it was a yes or no answer and we had to put chewing gum in  : coke , orange juice, and water then we put the drinks aside four a few days. Year 4 blog  written by Daisy, Niamh and Thea!







This week year 4 have been building Anglo Saxon villages it was so much fun, it was so messy because we got glue and paint everywhere. Also, today was own clothes day, we brought in Easter eggs for the Easter Bingo, on Tuesday 20th March, don’t forget your tickets!

This week Year 4 have been taught by Miss Parkinson, an Associate teacher from the University of Chester and Miss Hughes, of course. 

Miss Parkinson has been teaching us all about fractions, we can simplify, add and find equivalent fractions. She has been teaching us about teeth in Science.

With Mrs Hughes, we have been learning about myths and legends, mainly looking at the Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf. We have created advertisements for warriors, completed job application forms and even held interviews to find the best warrior to defeat the evil monster Grendel.

What will we get up to next week?

Thea & Niamh (Media Club)


Friday 15 th March


Year 4 were very sad to hear the news that Stephen Hawkins had died. Media club have been researching all about his life. Take a look at our reports...



Friday 9th March

This week  year 4 have been learning all about fractions in math. We went in to the year3 classroom and watched some Anglo Saxon clips .We are looking at Beowulf in English .Peter came in to talk to us about Mothering Sunday. The key strings also came in and they played lots of instruments and beautiful tunes ;some  children even came to the front and played instruments with them.

(This week's blog was written by Thea)

Friday 2nd March

The winner of the class award was Gracie Mae because of her amazing 500 word story. 

This weeks weather has been crazy,because there has been snow,rain,wind,sun.

These past weeks year four have been looking at the water cycle hear is a vidio of year four doing the water cycle dance!

This week's blog was written by Isabelle B, Thea, Daisy and Niamh


30th January 2018

Chester Zoo

A fantastic day!The children were brilliant! The only downside was we had to come home!

A big thank you to the parents who gave up their time, making the whole day possible.

Mrs Hughes was a bit daft and left the camera on the bus, so photos are limited, sorry.






5th October 2017

What a brilliant week we have had this week, so far! So many compliments about our behaviour! I'm so proud of you!

We have also loved investigating circuits and making our own using the equipment.

Extend your knowledge of circuits by trying these activities.

circuits 1

circuits 2

Circuits 3

Have fun!

Mrs Hughes

2nd October 2017


Wow, October! Time flies when you're having fun!

Here is our video blog from last week. Well done to our budding reporters who created and filmed the blog themselves!



24th September

Looking forward to a busy week in Year 4! Circuit training tomorrow in PE, I hope you've all had a good sleep tonight! Making electrical circuits in Science, plus more guitars on Thursday and lots more in between!

See you tomorrow

Mrs Hughes


Hello Year 4,

here are some fun activities to help you with your English at home. I will add more each week! Let me know which ones you like best. Have FUN!

Super Stories

Pre-fixes and suffixes

Uplevel the sentences game


Lego Simulation Game - practice your simulation skills for our ICT lessons by creating your own Lego game! I'm addicted already!

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