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Mrs Hughes

Year 6



Wednesday 3rd June

Hi Year 6, 

I wont be around this afternoon, I am going to a funeral, any problems leave me a seesaw message and I will get back to you in the evening. 

English - Grammar Hammer 1 

Write the correct answers in your book.

Maths - maths 2

Theme - Medieval Britain PPT - Read slides 1-5

Then invent a Lord - give him a name and write a diary of his day. Use lots of adjectives to describe what is happening and what the food and activities were like. 

Tuesday 2nd June

Hi Year 6 please find the work for today on here. You can post on Seesaw but I can't post the work on there at the moment. Sorry that this may be a pain!

Maths - Maths 1 posted on here.

English - As we would be studying Shakespeare this half term, I thought we might as well start off with an English with Holly - Shakespeare.

Art -

This guy is funny, he gives loads of random facts, can't wait to see your pics!

Love Mrs Hughes xxx



Monday 20th April

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you had a lovely Easter with your families and that you are all keeping well. It seems very strange that the summer term has started without the children being in.

The staff are now posting work up for the children to do to keep their skills fresh. I just wish to reassure you all that you are doing a great job keeping them engaged to some degree with their school work and that even if only a little of the work set is achieved each day, you are still helping them for when they return to school.  The work set is revision and should be familiar to the children so a little and often will be fine. We know that sometimes it is difficult to engage the children and for those of you with children in more than one class, it can be daunting, so please don’t be anxious if you cannot achieve all of the work each day. We are grateful for what you can manage but we also want everyone to come out of this happy and healthy at the end!

Take care of yourselves and remember we are all here to help you however we can,

Mrs Boyden




17th March 2020


In light of the current situation, I'm aware that a number of children are self-isolating, but are otherwise well to do some school work. I have put some links on for websites you can use. There are also Powerpoint presentations for maths and grammar that the children can work through attached to this page all year round.

Hope you are all fit and well


Mrs Hughes


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