Curriculum Intent


At All Saints Upton our intention is to enable each child to become a caring, confident and responsible young person whilst motivating and challenging our children to achieve academic success.

We aim to do this through a curriculum that is engaging and enriching but that also reflects the background and develops the experiences of our pupils. The curriculum we plan for our children helps us in endeavouring to achieve social justice allowing all children the knowledge, skills and attributes they are entitled to, regardless of background.

Our intent is for our children to understand;

  1. What we learn- To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge and vocabulary, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum as well as providing further enrichment opportunities and experiences pertinent to our school setting.


  1. How we learn- To teach and encourage children to develop skills which will support them through all of their learning experiences- concentration, resilience and independence.


  1. Who we are- To encourage and instil in our children values which will enable them to be good citizens and role models to others. To follow the example that Jesus taught us, develop social skills and understand British values and the culture of others.


In following these three principles we have designed a curriculum that is unique to All Saints Upton, encouraging our children to develop in all these areas;


  • Questioning
  • Thinking
  • Responding
  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Independence
  • Determination
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Kindness
  • Understanding


To provide the knowledge that our children need to succeed.

To create caring, confident and curious children.

Motivate and challenge our children to achieve academic and personal success.

Appreciate the uniqueness of all of our children and the local context of the school.

For progression and high expectations to be evident across all areas of the curriculum.



Our curriculum is planned and designed to ensure that we specifically teach what children need to know and understand; providing progression to ensure that children will remember and connect what they have been taught.

Our intent provides relevant drivers above and beyond the National Curriculum, and our Implementation plan ensures we use this as the focus to achieve our aims.

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