KS2 Swimming Results

Our children take part in a 2 week swimming programme in each year in Key Stage Two at Halewood Leisure Centre. Our children spend time working on basic swiming skills and building their confidence in the water to ensure they make as much progress as they possibly can.

End of KS2 2019-2020 Swimming Results NA


Make a safe jump entry into deep end of main pool confidently

Travel 25m on front

Travel 25m on back

Use different arms and legs movement 5m front and back

To sckull 5m head first and feet first

Q. Which stroke do you use to swim faster?

Q. Which stroke do you use to swim a distance?

Collect brick off pool floor

Perform a sequence holding each float for 5 sec.

Swim as part of a relay and answer a question to show understanding of rules

Describe an action of a classmate and suggest how they could improve.