Our Staff Team 2022/2023

Meet our Staff Team for 2022/23

At All Saints Upton we have a dedicated team staff in all areas of school life.


Mrs J. Davies:  Headteacher

Mrs Davies is our Head teacher and curriculum lead. 

Mrs A. Lawson: Deputy Head, Safeguarding Lead, SENCO and Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs Lawson is the Designated Safeguarding and attendance Lead in our school, and the designated teacher for Looked After Children. She is responsible for making sure that our children are safe and coming to school to be able to progress and enjoy learning.

Mrs K. Westbrook: KS2 Lead and Y6 Teacher

Mrs Westbrook is  part of our Senior Leadership team and the Year 6 class teacher

Mrs J. Williams: Y1 Teacher and RE Lead

Mrs Williams is the RE Leader in our school and also teaches in Year 1. She makes sure that all of our worship, values and assemblies are organised throughout the year, as well as choosing hymns for us to sing! She enjoys being arty and runs a craft club at school.

Miss H. Fleming: Y1 and PPA Teacher  - Computing Lead

Miss Fleming shares the teaching in Year 1 with Mrs Williams. Miss Fleming also works with some other classes in our school, so she knows all of the children very well. Miss Fleming also runs an after school signing choir for KS2 children. 

Mrs R. Cho: KS1 Lead, Y2 Teacher, Maths and Geography Lead

Mrs Cho is the Year 2 teacher and part of the Senior Leadership team

Mr D. Gaskell: Y3 Teacher,  PE & Children's University Lead

Mr Gaskell is the Year 3 teacher at school. He is also very sporty and runs our competitions, PE curriculum and football club. He enjoys playing and teaching sport as well as computer lessons. He is looking forward to developing our school sport this year even further! 

Mrs L. Davison: Y5 Teacher, PSHE and Music Lead

Mrs Davison is our Year 5 teacher, and responsible for the teaching of PSHE and music in our school.

Mrs H. Hughes: Year 4 Teacher, Science and History Lead

Mrs Hughes is our Year 4 teacher this year. 

Mrs Crofts: Reception Teacher and Art and Design Technology Lead 

Mrs Crofts is our current Reception teacher at All Saints. She is very creative and loves to make learning fun. She is very kind and caring and will make sure that the children in Reception have a great start to school.


Mr D. Myatt : KS1 Teaching Assistant

Mr Myatt  is currently working in Year 1 

Mrs J. Taylor: Nurture Lead and KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Taylor runs our nurture at All Saints and is currently working in Year 4

Mrs C. McDonnell: KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs McDonnell is a teaching assistant in Year 3 at present. 

Mrs N. O’Neill: KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs O’Neill is a teaching assistant in Year 5. She runs ELSA in school and helps children to manage their feelings and emotions in a positive and safe environment. She helps children to break down their learning into small steps 

Miss E. Johnson: KS1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Johnson is a teaching assistant in Year 2 at present. 

Mrs L. Edinborough KS1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Edinborough works within Key Stage 1.


Mrs L. Whitfield: Office Manager

Mrs Whitfield is our school business manager. She organises our finances in school and makes sure that everything is kept running smoothly. She works extremely hard every single day to ensure that all of our very important admin is kept up to date. That isn’t counting the million other jobs that she does!

Mrs B. Howarth: Admin Manager

Mrs Howarth is our school admin worker. She never stops throughout the week, doing every job that you can imagine, from passing on messages to parents, to giving medicine and checking our registers. Without Mrs Howarth's amazing organisation, our school would definitely be in chaos!

Mr A. McGarry: Site Manager

Mr McGarry is our school site manager. Without Mr McGarry, we wouldn’t be as safe or secure in our school. He does so many jobs from fixing doors and our outdoor areas, to putting up our Christmas tree and even opening and shutting the school. We all depend lots on Mr McGarry to help to fix anything and everything around school. We are very grateful.



We love our fabulous cleaners. They work their way through every classroom, as well as all of the other areas of our school, to ensure that it is in tip-top condition. Our school can get full of all sorts after our fun learning days, from bits of glitter, to mud from the playground, or bits of paint on the tables. We all try very hard to keep our school clean, but we are all so thankful that our cleaners are here to help us.


Lunch-Time Staff

Mrs K. Williamson,  Mr P. Naughton, Mrs A. Hardman, Mr C. Hargreaves, Mrs L. Morgan, Ms V. Hulme: Mid-Day Supervisors

Our mid-day supervisors are here every day to keep our children safe and entertained on the playground and in the hall. All of the children love the mid-day supervisors as they are always playing games with them, and making everyone smile. That’s not including all of the bumps and grazes that they sort out every day. What would we do without them?


Our lovely school is linked directly with the Upton Pre-School. All of the staff from the pre-school are an integral part of our team and ensure that the children are given the best possible start, as well as offering an amazing after-school service for our children.

To find out more about the pre-school staff, please click the links below.

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