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Welcome & Important information



Dear Parents/Carers,

As you may have heard, all primary schools in England, including All Saints Upton, will be reopening on Monday 8th March. From this date, attendance in school is mandatory and our usual rules on attendance will apply. We very much look forward to welcoming all the children back to school and hearing their news.

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a few reminders:

Times of School Day

Children will be expected to arrive and depart at the same times as last term (before this lockdown).

Year 1 and 4 - 8.30 to 8.40am and 3.00 to 3.10pm

Year 2 and 5 – 8.45 to 8.55am and 3.15 to 3.25pm

Year 3 and 6 – 9.00 to 9.10am and 3.30 to 3.40pm

Reception 8.45 to 8.55am and 3.15 to 3.25pm from the Front doors,

If you have more than one child, please come at the earliest of the times.

Whilst the infection rate is still relatively high, we must ask all of you to come within the correct time window – please don’t arrive earlier or later than the given times to avoid waiting.

We also request that only one adult from each family enters the school grounds, that they wear a mask, follow the one way system and maintain a distance of 2 metres from any other family. We do not want another lockdown!

Communication with staff

If you need to speak to a member of staff, please telephone the school office. Teachers will ring back after the end of the school day.

We are in the process of arranging parent/ teacher telephone consultations – further details to follow.

Arrangements in School

Children will return to the bubbles they were in and the same arrangements will be in place as before Christmas regarding reading books, homework, letters etc. Please remember that your child should not bring anything in to school except for their water bottle, packed lunch and homework.

On the first day back, can your child please return their home working books for the teachers to see their work, and any laptop or tablet belonging to the school. Laptops/tablets are to be returned to Mrs Davies at the side gate.


For the remainder of this term, the children will be concentrating on revising the core subjects to allow teachers to identify progress made, and the more creative foundation subjects. There will be a particular emphasis on well-being and social skills to support children in returning to the school environment. Please let your child’s teacher know if they have been struggling for any reason during lockdown, especially if they have suffered a bereavement. You may be assured that staff will do all in their power to make the transition back to school as smooth as possible, especially for those that are struggling.


On PE days, your child should come to school in their PE kits. The days are as follows’

Reception – Monday

Year 1 and Year 4 – Tuesday

Year 5 - Wednesday

Year 3 and Year 6 - Thursday

Year 2 – Friday

Breakfast and After School Club

Please contact Elaine Morris on 0151 257 2450 if you need to book.

Should you or your child develop symptoms

If a member of your household, or support/childcare bubble, develops symptoms please inform school but do not come in. Everyone should isolate until a negative test result is received or for 10 days if the symptomatic person tests positive.

If your child becomes unwell at school, or a member of their school bubble tests positive, we will expect you to come and collect them straight away. Please make sure we have your correct contact details.

Should your child have to self isolate, their teacher will contact you and your child will revert back to remote learning via the Seesaw platform. (Tapestry for Reception). Laptops would be made available on request.

Lastly, can I remind everyone that despite the rapid rate of vaccinations, it is extremely important that we all continue to observe social distancing measures and government regulations both in and out of school. Households should not yet be mixing and fines may be incurred if they do.

We know that this lockdown has been extremely hard for all of us, especially children and we are looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal routine.

Thank you all so much for you continuing support during this difficult and uncertain time and for supporting your child with their learning from home.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th March.

Mrs Boyden



Closure Update:

The work has carried on throughout the weekend and I have just been informed by Halton that the earliest possible day we can reopen is now looking like being Thursday. However, we do not yet know if they will find additional problems once the gas is reconnected. We will let you know as soon as we can. Should you require packed lunches for the children, please let us know.

All parents affected by the closure, have been contacted either by email or telephone. We are so sorry for the continuing inconvenience, especially so close to the half term break.

If you require confirmation of the closure for your employers, please let me know and I will be happy to supply it.

Mrs Boyden

5/2/21 -  

Unfortunately due to major damage, we are having to have a new gas main put into school. Halton have approved the works and have arranged for the engineers to work through the weekend to ensure this is completed as soon as possible. I am instructed to inform you that unless you hear from us over the weekend, the earliest school will be open is Tuesday 9th February.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience this must be causing you but as I’m sure you can appreciate, this is urgent, unforeseeable work which must be completed before it is safe for children to attend.

In the meantime, remote learning is in place which your child should make every endeavour to complete.

I am at school each morning if you have any concerns or queries and my staff and I are available to help wherever we can.


Mrs Boyden


11/01/21 Our heating will be fixed today so all children who were due to be in tomorrow should arrive as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience today

08/01/21 - A Message from Halton Borough Council

Dear Parents and Carers

The latest available data shows increasing cases of Covid across the country. For Halton the data shows that in the last 7 days to 4th January, there have been 1517 confirmed cases of Covid19 in the borough.

This means that the current rate per 100k population is 1172/100,000 – or put more simply 1 in every 85 people in Halton currently have the virus. Our infection rates are putting pressure on our NHS and health services and increasing the risk of ill-health for all of us and our families and friends. We all have a part to play in reducing the spread of the virus.

I am asking everyone to follow the ‘stay at home” rule unless leaving home is permitted and to always follow the rules please.

You can see more information on how to keep safe, the current rules and support that is available at https://hbcnewsroom.co.uk/coronaadvice/

In addition, can I also ask you to support our Key/Critical Workers and help those who work in key sectors to continue to do so. During this period of national lockdown primary, secondary schools and the college will only allow vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers to attend . Special schools and Alternative Provision can continue to offer face to face provision, where appropriate.

All other pupils should not attend and should learn remotely until February half term. It is important to remember that fewer children travelling to and attending schools lowers the spread of the virus and the infection of vulnerable individuals.

The Government has been very clear in its guidance that the most important contribution you can make is that if you can keep your child at home safely you should. Schools in Halton will continue to offer places for children who are vulnerable. For critical/key workers we anticipate many of you will be able to keep your child at home and safely cared for and if you can safely and appropriately keep your child at home we would urge you to do so. There may also be partners who work from home or other nonelderly family members who could provide childcare support.

However, provision will be available for children whose parents are critical to the COVID19 response (key / critical workers), have to leave home to work and are unable to make alternative child care arrangements. It is also important that you do not rely for childcare from those who are advised to be in higher risk categories such as grandparents, friends or family members with underlying conditions.

As a Parent/Carer I would also ask you to do everything you can to ensure children are not mixing socially either as we know this does spread the virus. I must stress schools are only open to vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers for public health reasons and the provision we are putting in place is an emergency measure. Please contact your school if you fall into the specific government defined categories and cannot make other childcare arrangements. I would ask you to remember that for the safety of everyone it is crucial we keep the numbers accessing school as low as possible.

All schools are now equipped to provide remote learning opportunities for children and young people. Please support our school staff and each other by respecting the need for critical workers to have access to appropriate childcare at this time.

The Government has produced a range of guidance and support together with a list of who they have defined as critical workers and vulnerable children during this national lockdown. You can find this information online here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus/education-and-childcare

 Finally, I would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your understanding and ongoing support in helping us to beat this virus.

Yours sincerely

David Parr OBE

Chief Executive





I have this evening received an urgent message from Halton’sChief Executive which I have been asked to share with you telling us that the infection rate in Halton now stands at 869 per 100,000. This means that one in every 115 people in Halton are now infected with Covid 19.There has been a 463% increase in cases in Halton since the middle of December.

I am extremely concerned for the safety of the community of All Saints Upton School. You will know that everyone is at risk of Covid and that this risk has greatly increased with theemergence of a much more infectious strain of the virus. The situation we find ourselves in is very serious. The NHS is in imminent danger of being overwhelmed. That is why the Government has instructed everyone to ‘Stay at home’. The intention behind the closure of school is to minimise contact to reduce the rate of transmission.

In  March 2020, the transmission rate for the less contagious strain of the virus was successfully reduced. This was a result of a lockdown in which people adhered to the ‘Stay at Home’ message and was reflected in the low numbers of children in schools.

Unfortunately, there were four times the number of children in All Saints today than in the first lockdown period. This has put them, their families and the staff at greater risk than if they had stayed at home. I would be negligent in my moral and civic duty if I did not try to reduce this risk.

We must reduce the school population as much as possible. I know that having your child at home with you and trying to keep up with remote learning is hard, but that is not a valid reason to send them into school. If you are working from home, your child should be with you as this is by far the safest place for them to be. I understand the stress that parents and carers feel with home schooling and reiterate that we only ask that you do what you can.

Given the seriousness of the situation, if you can work from home or access any other childcare arrangements, please do not send your child into school. Provision in school should be the last resort when you have no other alternative. The increased numbers in the key worker group in school and the increased numbers of staff who need to be onsite to care for them has caused a considerable increase in risk to our community. Please reconsider your position to see if you are able to help us to keep our school safe.

If you have a place and can manage alternative arrangements please contact us a deputyhead@allsaintsupton.co.uk

Wherever you can – Stay at home






Today, the latest available data for Halton shows that in the last 7 days to 2nd January, there have been 1125 confirmed cases of Covid19 in the borough. 


This means that our current rate per 100k population is 869/100,000 – or put more simply 1 in every 115 people in Halton currently have the virus.


There is no doubting that these figures are of serious concern. 


The rise in recent weeks has been rapid – with a 463% increase from the middle of December to the first week in January). The cases in Halton have escalated more significantly than in other areas of Cheshire and the Liverpool City Region. 


We believe there are a number of factors that have led to this rise:


• The new variant of the virus which now spreads 70% more quickly – this new variant has been identified in Chester and Wrexham, so we must assume that it has now reached Halton.


• More social gathering over Christmas, following the Government’s easing of restrictions


• Poor behaviour and understanding of what social isolation actually means; 


• Levels of deprivation hampering self-isolation and pressure from employers on workers to return to work quickly


• Rapidly changing national messages


This is a position we must address urgently and a plan is currently being developed by the Director of Public Health to do this.


As part of this, we will be releasing further data and supporting communications to the public to present the very concerning current position and ask for their help to tackle it. 

This will be accompanied by 


• a graphic depicting the rapid escalation of cases over the last few weeks.


• a video message from the Director of Public Health

• supporting messages setting out actions people must take to keep themselves and others safe

These will be shared over social media, online, via partner organisations and through the media – including an interview being given by Eileen O’Meara later today on Radio Merseyside.


We are also seeking the support of all members in cascading the following important key messages: 


• Stay at home, as we have been instructed to do in the latest national lockdown. 


• Remember the basics if we need to go to the shops for essentials – so wear a face covering; keeping a distance from others; use the sanitizers and cleaning products provided in shops and wash our hands as soon as we get home.


• And if you cannot work from home, get a fast no-symptoms test every five days, to help stop the spread of the virus within your workplace. 

• No one should have to struggle through this situation on their own - help and support is available if it is needed. Our website www.halton.gov.uk is where information can be found or alternatively by calling our Covid Support Line: 0151 907 8363 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm)   


Cllr Rob Polhill.                                    David Parr.

Leader                                                   Chief Executive  



05/01/21- All key worker parents will receive an email this evening regarding times. Please look out for this.

04/01/21-Dear Parent and Carers,


I’m sure that, like me, you have just heard the Prime Minister call for a National Lockdown with immediate effect. This means that All Saints will have to move to remote learning for all children except those of Key Workers and those classed as vulnerable.


Although we have tried to prepare by sending the Key Worker letter out today, this is still going to take an enormous amount of work to put into place so quickly.


I am therefore having an emergency INSET day tomorrow to give us time to put plans into action effectively. The school will therefore be CLOSED to children tomorrow. I realise that this is going to affect all families but hope that you can understand that we wish to do our very best by your children.


If you are a Key worker parent experiencing difficulties please contact myself or Mrs Davies as soon as possible.


Remote learning will commence for all year groups from Wednesday 6th January in the format of pre-recorded lessons which will be posted on your child’s seesaw page.


Home learning books may be collected from the School Hall at the following times:

Years 1 & 4 – 10.00- 10.45 am

Years 2 & 5 – 11.00- 11.45 am

Years 3 & 6 – 12.00- 12.45 pm

Reception 1pm-1.45pm


If you have children in more than one class, all sibling’s books may be collected at the same time. Key worker letters can be dropped off at the same time if you are unable to email us.

Please email deputyhead@allsaintsupton.co.uk if you think you are eligible for a key worker place, if you have not already done so. School will then contact you tomorrow as we will for the parents of vulnerable children.


We will also be contacting parents who informed us of their need for technological support as soon as we can.


I have not heard yet what will happen with free school meals, and do not know if the school kitchen has the capacity to provide these tomorrow but will send a message as soon as I have details.


I apologise for the short notice and the inconvenience caused but hope that this lockdown will help to ensure the safety of you and your families. I know that you must have many questions and concerns.


Please be assured that my staff and I are here to help and assist in any way that we can as soon as we can.


Mrs Boyden Rev Peter Dawkins

Head teacher Chair of Governors


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