Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 11:02pm

Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you are well. Below is the work I would like you to complete today. Remember to send me any photos/videos/messages to show me what you have been up to or just send me a message to tell me you are ok. 

I am in school for the rest of the week so I will arrange a catch up meet for a day next week with the code for you to access this. 


P.E. - The Body Coach YouTube channel at 9am for your daily P.E. lesson with Joe. These lessons are now only running on a Monday, Wednesday and a Saturday. On the other days, you could maybe do some just dance, go noodle or come up with your own exercise routine. 

Maths - You will need your Maths question booklet today. Complete pages 12 and 13 which should be activities on partitioning numbers. 

English - You will need your grammar booklet today. Complete pages 22 and 23. These activities should be on conjunctions with subordinate clauses. Remember to read the yellow box to help with your understanding. 


Geography - I have put a fact file worksheet in your activities section. Use the internet to research all about the country Italy. You could respond on the worksheet activity or write down what you found out in a poster or in your book. 

Check your activities section for daily challenges and things to do. 
BBC Bitesize are doing 3 lessons a day for all year groups. You can do the Maths, English or afternoon activity at any time.
Reading- David Walliams live story at 11am. Listen later in the day if you are choosing one of the live lessons. 

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe! 

Mr Gaskell