15th June

Date: 15th Jun 2016 @ 3:46pm

Hello everybody and welcome to our class update of week 2 of the half term!

It has been such fun since the children have returned from their half-term break. We have created the most amazing imaginative dinosaur descriptions and now we are even writing explanation texts about how to escape from and how to get close to a dinosaur! All of the children’s writing has come on so much and it is great to now get to experiment with our rich and varied vocabulary and grammar knowledge that we have built up over the year!

In Maths, we have been re-visiting a lot of our key skills, but really immersing ourselves into the problem solving and reasoning side of them. For example, the children all reasoned fantastically when they were given random numbers and had to find two other children they could link with, justifying why in a huge variety of ways! It is so exciting to see the children’s resilience in Maths grow on a daily basis; no challenge is too big with our growth mind sets!

We have had some lovely RE lessons. Our RE topic is ‘Prayer’ and it has been really nice to reflect on the importance of prayer and what it means to all different people. Ridhwaan even taught us all about Ramadan in his religion and we made him so lovely gifts to take home!  

In PE, we have started our Olympic style athletics lessons. So far we have done long distance running and the 100m sprints. It was amazing to see the children running their hearts out, and being extremely proud of themselves and their friends whether they won or not!

We are absolutely loving our dinosaurs topic. Already, after only 2 weeks, we are able to tell you lots about different types of dinosaurs. Ask the children about myths and facts, they will wow you with their knowledge already! It will be very exciting to learn about the dinosaur timeline on Friday. Maybe you could do some pre-learning at home with your child!

In Science, we are thinking about animals and humans. This week and next week, our focus is teeth! It was so funny watching the children look at their own teeth using the mirrors. Ask them about molars, canines and incisors; they will tell you lots!

In the next week, we will be looking at angles, multiplying and dividing and rounding again, in more real-life contexts and problem solving. In English, we are going to be finishing our explanation texts and starting to think about newspapers. Maybe reading some child-friendly newspaper articles would be lots of fun to do at home to get a head start!

In Science, we will be thinking about looking after our teeth and conducting an experiment on tooth decay and in PE we will be moving onto relay racing!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Green.