20th January 2017

Date: 20th Jan 2017 @ 4:05pm

Hi Everyone 

Year 5 have had a really busy start to the new term with lots of different things going on.

Last week we spent time with Google Expeditions using virtual reality to move around our bodies and find out more from the inside! It was a fantastic experience and great fun to link this to our theme of Inner Space this term. Everyone had great fun! We even managed to get all the way back to life of the dinosaurs and Jurassic World! 

This week in English we have been focusing on persuasive writing focusing on the topic of smoking. Year 5 have really enjoyed researching all about the topic and finding out lots of information. We have written some brilliant letters highlighting what we found out with some great persuasive devices. Well done to everyone! 

We have spent time this week in Maths looking at all of the work we have covered since September. It was a good opportunity for everyone to recap on what we have learnt and think back to all of the different methods we can use to answer mathematical problems! I was very impressed with what we had remembered! 

Next week in PE we are starting our very own fitness video! This links in to our theme of keeping our bodies healthy and should be great fun to come up with our own routines. 


Have a great weekend, 


Mr Gaskell