Date: 20th May 2020 @ 9:43pm

Thursday 22nd May

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday! Below is the work I would like you to complete today. Remember to send me any photos/videos/messages to show me what you have been up to. 


P.E. - The Body Coach YouTube channel at 9am for your daily P.E. lesson with Joe.

Maths - Something a bit different today. You will need to go on an object hunt around your house. I have put a challenge in your activities section for you to have a go at measuring different things around your house. You could draw them and tell me how long they were or take a photo and label the length of what you found. An example picture of how to do it is on the activity. You can respond directly on the activity with the green button. Remember to always start your measuring from 0cm.

English - You will need your summer English Activity booklet today. Complete page 8 that is titled Plural Packing. Read through the text and change the words in the brackets onto plural words (more than one of them). The first word is child so you would change this to children and so on. Check any spellings if you need to. 


Science - Lesson 3 in your Forces workbook. The lesson is titled Magnetic poles. Read through the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet at the back. Remember these science lessons are on the class blog on our school website if that makes it easier for you to follow. 

Check your activities section for daily challenges and things to do. 
BBC Bitesize are doing 3 lessons a day for all year groups. You can do the Maths, English or afternoon activity at any time.
Reading- David Walliams live story at 11am. Listen later in the day if you are choosing one of the live lessons. 

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe! 

Mr Gaskell