30th September

Date: 2nd Oct 2016 @ 7:35pm

An end to another busy week!

In English, we have been writing narratives from the persective of a slave being snatched from their home in Western Africa and sent along the middle passage only to be auctioned off when they arrive in the West Indies. The children have been using their knowledge of the slave trade (we have built on our knowledge from last year) and writing descriptively - we have had some really gruesome narratives! It has been great to see how much hard work and dedication is going into the children's writing this year! They have really stepped up to the demands of Year 6. I am hoping to share some of their writing in sharing assembly next Friday!

In Maths, we have moved on from place value and number sense and we have started looking at the order of operations (BODMAS). The children have really challenged themselves this week and it has been great to see them working together and encouraging eachother when they find something difficult! I have attached a Youtube clip to help them remember this order of operations!

In Grammar, we looked at active and passive setences and I have challenged them to see how many passive sentences I can find in their writing!

Tuesday saw our first intra-school table tennis competition with lots of representatives from our class; it went brilliantly and we are looking forward to welcoming St Michael's next Tuesday!

We also played our first boys football match against St Michael's on Thursday. The boys played fantastically and we are very excited about our football team this year!

Monday is the residential meeting and I hope to see lots of you there to have all of your questions answered by a member of staff from Manor Adventures!

I am looking forward to another week full of hard work and positivity!!

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