7th July

Date: 7th Jul 2016 @ 11:56am

Hello everybody.

We have had yet another really fun week in Year 4. We have made bracelets for the summer fair, completed dinosaur thinking games, we have started to design a new dinosaur theme park using so many Maths skills with a partner AND we have started to plan a newspaper about this dinosaur theme park-WOW!

We were all also really excited to look at the results of our drink effects on teeth experiment by looking at the eggs. They were so interesting! Ask the children about what they found out about the different drinks.

Another exciting moment for us was when we got to Skype the well-known paleontologist Stephen Brusatte last week, who helped on the major film 'Walking With Dinosaurs'! He gave us so much information and the children were hooked, we then went on to discover our own dinosaur fossils!

Today it is our own clothes day and everyone looks so good! Our guitar concert is coming up soon, so please keep an eye out for an up-coming letter about the date and times!

Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Green laugh