Afternoon Activities for Week Beginning 22.6.20

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 3:23pm

Afternoon Activities


Please complete one afternoon activity each day.


  1. PSHE


Listen to the story ‘Everybody Worries’. You will find it on the Oxford Owl pages    

or on this you tube link

Think about what you might be worried about. Talk to your mum or dad about it then make a worry doll. There are lots of ideas on how to make one on the Internet you could use a lolly stick or a clothes peg or pipe cleaners Try to be creative and use things you can find at home or in the garden. Post a picture of your finished worry doll on Seesaw.


  1. Science

What plants can you find outside?

Use the link below to watch a video about the different plants you can find outside.

Then go into your garden and have a look at all the different plants you have, you could even do this whilst on a walk with a grown up. Take a closer look at the plants for any signs that they have been eaten. Have a think, what might have eaten the plants?

Take photos or draw pictures of the plants you have found.


3. Geography


Look at the picture of a seaside. Make a list of the physical (Natural) and human    (man-made) features you can see.   

You could listen to/watch this story on you tube to help you! Mr Walker's Day at the Seaside.

Then either write down or record on Seesaw some things that you have learnt about the features of the seaside.



4. PE

You can choose one of the activities below:

Hop, skip, bunny hop and jump around your garden if the weather is nice, maybe create an obstacle course.

A walk or a bike ride with a grown up is good exercise too.

You could try to do some zumba on Go Noodle.