Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 6:44am

Afternoon Activities


Please complete one afternoon activity each day.


  1. Music

Seaside sounds

Last week you listened to the song ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’.

Think about sounds you would hear when you go to the seaside. You might hear the sea, birds, boats, people, maybe even the noise of your bucket and spade. Have a little think, be creative and see what you can find, then ask a grown up to film your music making and post it onto seesaw.


  1. Science

What are the parts of a plant?

Use the link below to watch a video about the different parts of the plants.


Then draw a picture of a plant and label each part, you could even write some facts that you have learnt about plants too.


  1. History

Seaside Past and Present

Use the PowerPoint ‘Seaside Past and Present’ on the Year 1 class blog. Have a look through the pages, think and answer any of the questions. It tells you about what the seaside is like now and what it was like in the past. There are lots of pictures to have a look at.

Then either write down or record on Seesaw some things that you have learnt about the seaside past and present.


  1. Art/DT

Create a seaside scene.

Think of all the different things in your house that you could use to create a seaside scene. You could draw a picture using colours or paint; create the seaside using Lego, play dough, toys or a mixture of them all. Maybe if the weather is nice you could set up your own seaside in the garden! Have a little think, be creative and see what you can find, you can use anything you want and then post your picture on seesaw.


  1. PE

You can choose one of the activities below:

Hop, skip, bunny hop and jump around your garden if the weather is nice, maybe create an obstacle course.

A walk or a bike ride with a grown up is good exercise too.

You could try to do some zumba on Go Noodle.