SPELLING APP (free) to help you learn your spellings!

Date: 26th Sep 2017 @ 10:00pm

Hello all!

I have just been looking for a free app which can be used to support learning spelling at home and I have come across an app called 'A+ Spelling Test'. I have uploaded a picture of the app icon to this blog so you can download the right one. Unfortunately, I have only been able to find this app on Apple and not Android. It does not mean that it does not exist or there isn't an equally useful app available - I just haven't found it this evening!

This app allows children to input their own spelling list using the '+' icon and 'Add New List'.#

When you go to add a new list it asks you to input a title.

Then when you click on that list, you need to ensure that the word is typed in correctly in the box (stick to lowercase) and you record someone saying the word clearly. Add each word individually and click next to add the next one.

Once you have finished the list, children can complete the 'practice' where they hear the word said (as it has been recorded) and type out the word. They can play the 'unscramble' game where they hear the word said and are given the letters to rearrange. Then they can 'Ace It' or complete a 'Test'. Errors are brought up straight away and there is an option to retest all or retest mistakes as well as emailing the completed test.

In addition to this, it keeps track of how many times it has been tested and logs how many times the children have got it correct.

Its a fantastic free resource and provides an additional tool to learning spellings which can be hard to motivate children to do!

Hopefully you will have some success by using this app!

Mrs Clark.