Wednesday 18th May

Date: 18th May 2016 @ 3:56pm

What a busy, yet fun week in Year 4. The children have all been doing so much writing and it has been amazing to read! I am so proud of how far they are all coming on with their writing. I am now seeing detailed, imaginative, as well as technically great pieces of work! The independent chapters and WANTED posters are brilliant. I will give everybody some more time to finish as they are so brilliant.

Everybody is showing so much more confidence in Maths too. You want to see all of the excellent graph work. Oh, and PE! I was so proud of Elliott and Daniel for getting up and showing us some really great dance routines linked to the Stone Age. 

The children now have so much more knowledge on the Iron Age and where the Celts took over. Ask them some questions, I am sure they will impress you with this time frame information!

Over the next week, we are creating job descriptions for someone to capture the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon from The Iron Man. We are also going to compare the book and the film; what you have all been waiting for! Woohoo! I am out on a course on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not to worry, the two days I have prepared for everybody is going to be AWESOME!

Friday will be our last day of the half term. I can't quite believe we will only have one last half-term together sad

Keep going children. Have a growht mindset. Don't give up. You are quickly turning into nearly Year 5's!

Have a good weekend,

Miss Green laugh


*P.s. I know that some of you are still finding converting fractions to decimals a little confusing, so please watch the mega cool rap below!